It’s here!!!!!!!! That long promised blog contest! So here is the prize…

  Included is;
An apron
packets of organic seed including, beets, thyme and basil.
“Gardener’s Soap”
Calender (to clock the seasons of course) 2009
and a blank journal.

I almost didn’t do this now because its all garden oriented and its not exactly the right time of year. However I decided that this could also be a great Christmas gift so I am doing it now after all.  Deadline for entry’s will be Dec. 12 at 12pm PST. 

I’ll ship anywhere but I cant guarantee that, outside the US, it’ll arrive before Christmas.

Just enter by giving me a contact info. (email.)
Extra entry(ies) if you link my blog on yoru blog or share this opportunity with others.

I hope to hear from you all.  Please also share what you enjoy most about this blog.  New readers always welcome! 😉