I love how Christmas follows after Thanksgiving.  Its so appropriate.  I am thankful for so many things but most of all, I am thankful and grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent His only Son, whom He loved, to suffer a painful, bitter, agony, and so much more death.  He did not just die.  He suffered much for our sins.  I put Him on that cross.  He died to save me!  I am so thankful that He was so selfless and so loving to do that. 

What a better season to share with all those so dear to us than to celebrate the birth of the savior.  An infant in a vast world.  Even from birth He was rejected (Harod certainly didn’t want Him around).  To put it in Isaiah’s words-
“He was bruised for our transgressions”.

 I love this season.  Christmas music, in praise to our Savior, plays throughout the holidays in stores and on the radio.  The smells of fresh baked goodies.  The beautifully decorated tree.  Colorful packages.  The joy of giving.  The joy of remembering what was given us.  A time when family comes together.  A time to build memories. 

This year most of our gifts are homemade.  Its been so much fun planning and making gifts for all the nieces and nephews.  But still throughout the year I will pick up little things here and there that make me think of a person.  I have so many projects going its not even funny but I’m having fun.


So, how are your holidays coming about?