Hello! We are all adjusting over here to a new little one in the home, and what a home it is too!  Slowly but surely our little nest is becoming a haven.   A place where I am content, satisfied, at peace.

We have been battling a very nasty cold/cough over here.  Dearest husband has had it the worst.  104 temperature.  A cough so hard your muscles hurt. He has been home all week… which, if you know my husband, says a whole lot.  So weak, so achy, barely eating, its been hard.   The kidlets have had pink eye (including our newest, Stephen).  I think its finally clearing up with them but with the adults, so light is in sight.  We have been guzzling water, echinecea, garlic, and chicken broth but no avail.   Its nasty whatever it is.  A lot of the males in the valley have had it the worst.   My daddy had it for a while and it was rough for him too. 😦

 I have been very busy today but I kept telling myself all day to get busy.  Isn’t it funny how that works? 

I took care of sick children
Took care of sick hubby
Made meals
Cleaned up
Had an appt with midwife
Cleaned many diapers
Made Christmas pajama’s (3)
Sewed three jumpers
And just finished a bonnet

Its amazing once you start writting out your doings that you realize how much you have acomplished.  Luckily all the sewing was easy since the hard parts were mostly done.



Enjoy the Holiday Season!