For two days now its has been gloriously raining.  I love the smell of fresh air after a rain.  Our valley here has so much dust in the air that at night, if you take a flash light and shine it up to the sky, you can see all the dust your breathing day by day.  Its scary.   But rain dampens all that.  We now have such fresh air to breath.  OUr plants are so happy with the water and our land is rich in soil.

I love the sky after a rain.  This picture was taken this morning-

 It was hard to take a picture of the majestic sky.  The sunrise brought a glorious color to our valley.  The kind you only can read about or see in a movie.  I love today’s weather.

We also harvested some green beans.  We have a WONDERFUL crop this year.  Last year we would save our daily pickin’s til we had enough for a meal.  This year, we pick as needed for a meal.  Its so wonderful and they are sooo delicious!


And then Emma and Daddy enjoyed their corn on the cob.  I thought this was sucha cute picture.

Have a wonderful weekend!