I’m sewing away over here and cleaning out our tons of books.  How on earth do you decide what to keep and what to purge? Its so hard for me.  I find books that I would love reading to Emma or on her own and get them then later on I realize that I need to condense the bookshelf to make room for other’s Ive found. Sigh.  The never ending cycle.  I love libraries. I do. And I know what a privelege it will be to use our excellent library. But I’m always leary of borrowing books and returning them in a timely manner.  We have a 3 week limit as well as a 1dozen book limit per household on books at our library.  I have a hard time finishing a book in three weeks (if its non-fiction, since I like to absorb more) and then to make sure that my children that are learning to be responsible to take care of the books and returned. EEK!  I think I like the idea of having my own library. Then of course we also don’t know how long we will be here in town so near a library.  We still dream of being on a farm. 

So nesting… pro’s and cons;
Pro: A Sparkling home
Con: Pizza for dinner (oh wait, GF, um, chicken?)

Pro: Clutter gone!
Con: Orphan child running around

Pro: a sense of great acomplishment!
Con: Your nice stack of piles scattered all over the floor because you were too busy cleaning to watch your child who wanted to “help”.

Pro: A fresh start the next day
Con: Too tired to even face the next day.