I had a lovely weekend.  Did you?

In two days I knitted two matching hats for my twin nephews for their birthday Sunday.  We celebrated Emma’s birthday with family at the park.  While it was not windy, it was very cold.  Emma wore her wool sweater and still managed candied apple cheeks.   She recieved a ball from Mama and Papa and many various gifts from her Aunts, Grandparents, etc.   Aunt Jenna lovingly knitted her a nice warm hat.  Such a beautiful color too!

 Aunt Braelyn put some money towards her “College fund”, and Aunt Morgann purchased this really cool Dora ball jungle gym thingie.  Ya blow it up with air and you can crawl around putting balls through this spinning, twirling thingie.  Aren’t I eloquent with words/descriptions?   Anyway, Its staying at Grandma’s house so Emma can play with it when she goes over.  Uncle Timmy and his family gave a really soft cuddly bunny and a toy flashlight.  Diapers were among the gifts.  Diapers are the best gift a one-year old can have!

I shall not forget to mention her new motorcycle…

I am picturing many afternoons with “Vroom Vroom” around the yard. 

We were very blessed and Emma had a wonderful time playing and toddling about.  There is no picture with cake in the face because we did Jello instead.  Gluten Free and all that. 😀  She loved it.

I am now happily being busy trying to finish various projects… working in the garden when the weather permits.  Oct. is usually a very windy month for our little town.  This year it turned chilly sooner than usual.  But I shall not put away the short sleeves yet.  Everytime I do, it gets hot again. LOL.

Reformation time is upon us.  We have been reading Luther’s Large Catechism.  We also plan to learn more about the time period of the Reformation so as to understand the nailing of the 95 Theses that started a Reformation in the Church.  We hope you’ll join us.  Its a good study.  Reformation Day is Oct. 31, same as Halloween.