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 Emma will be one on Monday.  EEK! Where did the year go? Anyway, I have been very busy planning a simple birthday party.  HA HA! No seriously.  I have been busy but Emma’s birthday party is not the reason… her dress is!

This is a sample of what she is getting…


 Her actual birthday dress has blue, red, yellow, and black.  I know, sounds UGLY, but its gonna be cutimous! I promise! I made this one first so I could work with making up my own pattern to fit my lil petite thing.   There is also a white pettiblouse/dress that will go with them.  I just need to figure out how to make it better.  Right now I think I am on my third try.  I eat all my words when I said sewing was easy… Well, sewing IS easy…its the making up patterns that’s difficult!


Saturday we went out of town to gather apples.  I know, with the cost of gas being as it is wouldn’t it be rather expensive to go out of town just to pick some apples?  Well, we don’t do theme parks or fairs or anything like that.  We love the experiance of choosing fresh apples from an orchard.  We love the fresh crisp taste of them and love the picking experiance.  Emma had a wonderful time.  Remember last year?


I guess I never did upload those pictures… hmm… Well here is 2 of them.

One very pregnant woman- (remember it was Emma’s due date when we went)

 And one Papa-

 This year the weather was nippy and rainy.  Emma was bundled up in her new outfit (made by me…) and a new coat and still had appled cheeks!  Poor lil thing but she had so much fun picking and playing with all the windfalls.

I do have pictures for this year but I am waiting for my sister to send them to me since I used her camera. (Thank you, Braelyn!)

Ok, off to play with the peasant dress again.