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 What a busy time it has been.  The days seem to grow shorter and the “to-do” list longer.  We have about 2 months or less for Jr. Muffin’s arrival.  So much to acomplish! So little time. 

We still plan and pray to have a homebirth.  The hospital bag is packed just in case though. Today I “rummaged” through some old photo’s and found the ones we took soon after Euphemia was born.  Hard to believe it was only a year ago.  The time flew by so quickly.   Can you believe she will be one in less than two weeks?  That thud you heard was me… fainting.

Baby update.  Baby is well.  I have been more couch confined or using a walker when the going gets rough.  The baby is sitting on some nerves or something like that so its painful to walk and it doesn’t steady me enough.   God is good though and through His stregnth this last stretch shall be over soon.  

The garden has been doing fairly well.  We are experiancing some bad tomato worm problems.  Grrr.  Emma has gladly taken on the task of torturing them before death.  We have had to explain a few time though that these aren’t the gummy worms or sour worms that you find in the store.  Non edible dearie.  *shudder*

  Harvesting the radishes has been fun! We still have plenty and have been sharing our bounty with family and friends.

 It’s hard to believe that this is only after three weeks from planting! They do SO well out here. 

Emma has been learning to cook.   See how well she helps me with the hand-beater?


 I absolutley LOVE my hand beater.  I have decided to make cookies when I go into labor.  I am not joking here. I am going to put on, Pride and Prejudice (nice long humourous movie) and make gingersnaps.  All that muscle work will feel good! Of course I also have an idea to scrub the carpets as well.  Whatever the plan is, its not to lay down.  Work with gravity this time! Woo hoo!


I got to thinking as I was making these cookies how wonderful it is that the Word of God is NOt like a cookie.  Cookies are wonderful treats.  They are not meant to be eaten daily otherwise they just loose their sense of speicalness and well being a treat.   All that sugar daily.  You’d get sick of them very fast.   God’s Word, the Bible, is our Daily Bread.  We NEED it for that daily substance of something more filling, more satisfying, more needed.  How wonderful it is that we have this book right at our fingertips! Even web-based sites have all versions of the Bible listed on them.  Free access anywhere/everywhere.  So why do we sometime use the Bible as the occasional cookie treat?  I am very guilty of this.  It been a constant reminder to me as I treat on the cookies, or when I make the dinner meal (which is usually the Big meal of the day for us).  Have I found the nourishment in the Spiritual feeding as well?  There is so many articles and devotion books out there that stress the importance of daily reading of teh Bible.  Encouragment.  Etc.  So why in this day and age do we find it so hard to just sit down and meditate on God’s Word?