Do you ever wish you were literate (right word? correct spelling?) enough to have a quote for every occasion?  At our home we had a song for every occasion.   But you can’t break into song on a blog.  It just doesn’t work… Can’t help singing…lalalaalaaa.

See? Doesn’t work.

Ok, what was I saying again?

Oh yeah, quotations.  I wish I knew more quotes to be able to say;

” ‘Benjamin Franklin once said, Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.’  And taking his words to heart my days have been amazingly hectic.  I have been doing everything lately.  Dishes, laundry, sewing, more sewing, organizing, taking care of my walking girl :D.  Oh yeah, I have been sewing! :D”

See, the whole quote just adds something to the post.

Ahhh as Shakespeare would say… what would he say in this situation?