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 I can tell fall is coming.  Allergies are here and I don’t have to keep the fan on us all night! YAY!  Well, about the fan anyways. 😉

I have had a very busy weekend.  We started our fall garden. YAY!

David cut some pomegrante and tried planting a hedge of them over the weekend.  Two lived but two have died and we transplanted the volunteers from our garden into the dead ones bowl and they are looking very healthy.  This is day 5 so we’ll see.   I love pomegrante season.  My neighbor has a bush that she always lets us pick from. It will be so nice to have my own though. 

 They are more heavily mulched now of course.

Here is the first row we planted.  In that row there is two rows of radishes.  Its a little over a ft wide so its easily fits two rows of radishes.   We also planted two rows of green beans, pole and bush type but I haven’t gotten a picture of it yet.

They are already starting to come up.  Its sooo exciting.   Now here is alittle rant.   PET owners. PLEASE keep your dogs and cats inside YOUR yard.   We woke up this morning to find pot holes in our rows.  Our neighbors dog came and trambled the row.  Its VERY discouraging to spend hours preping the soil, planting and using a lot of TLC only to have it trampled to death within minutes.  It is not a little mishap.  It’s one that could have been avoided.  This happens every season.  Also, our garden is NOT a liter box for your cats.  Please keep your cats liter box cleaned or something.  We have tried to be friendly and neighborly about this but it has come to the point where if we find your animal in our yard we will take it to the pound.  I know we are not the only ones that have had trouble with this.  So if you own pets, please concider what their roaming around can cause.   Thank you. 🙂

So, this weekend we also pulled out a closet in the bedroom.  This was a very hard task to do.  A) because the previous owners built the closet into the ceiling.  Smart on their part because they wanted a sturdy closet but very bad for us that wanted it out.  Don’t worry we still have 2 closets in the bedroom 😉

So this is before.

 and this is after (but before my sprucing up)

 I’ll have to update you on what that now looks like.  I have a couple homemade quilts hangin up.  So pretty and more baby-room looking without having to have a baby room!  She still sleeps with us in the “master” bedroom.   Its so nice to not have that crib blocking the clothes closet and having to move it everytime you need to get in.  Especially for the preggo mom here. 😉  I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to have it and a more organized room. 

Another yard sale this weekend!

I am also pulling a plug for my used items blog that also has the homemade dresses on it.  My friend is also going to use my blog to sell some of her gently used second hand clothes.  Two stay-at-home moms bloggin’ away goods for your sweeties.  It does help us pay the bills so before you go to the thrift store or second hand store, see if there is anything you could use.  Save the ebay hassle too!  For all my stuff if you buy six items or lots you recieve free shipping!

Ok, its almost dinner time and I should actually make something.  EEK! Where has the day gone?