My husband recently asked me, “Why do you go through all the trouble of selling our junk? It would be so much easier to just take it all to the thrift store.”

I quite agree, it would be so much easier.  But, I went through the process of taking pictures and listing the items for sale.  I knew we would be happy for it by and by.  

So, the other day when I was doing my walmart shopping I came across these sheets-

I knew we’d need sheets before the year was out.  The ones I had purchased for my hopechest were on their last leg.  I have mended them to the best of my abilities but they are about ready to give up the ghost.  We have one other set of sheets that were given to us.  They work so nicely and so well but I am not always able to get the sheets washed and put back on the bed before the day is out.  It is nice to have 2 sets.     The sheets were on sale.  Marked down $20 from their original price.  It would still mean forking out $45.00 for sheets and I had to swallow pride to do it.   But I knew that it was a good deal for Egyption cotton and 400 thread count.   And if these sheets last 10-20 years, it will be so worth it.  Do you think they will last? 

We had about $10.00 left over.  So I went to the fabric dept… yes, that dreaded but wonderful place.  I purchased enough fabric to make Euphemia a birthday dress as well as a new skirt for me. 


Isn’t it wonderful how God provides for all our needs?