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 Just can’t do it.  My idea.  It was a cool beans one but I am a mom, a stay at home wife, and a seamstress… I love blogging but I just cannot keep up with the daily life and daily posting.  So, I will still have a contest at the end of this month but I am going to continue writting like I was before. 

The decluttering is done for now, Thank God for giving us patience, endurance, and perservance to do it all.  There is still much to be cleaned out but until the bigger things are advertised and sold we are at a stand still.  My house was once filled with boxes of stuff.. now it is filled with packing boxes. LOL.

It is the begining of the school year for most.  Our time has not yet come.  I know I shall look forward to the planning and schooling part but I cannot stand teaching.  If we were all so easy that we could pick it up like that I would have no problem, however we are not all Einsteins.  I would also miss the moments like this—

 and this…

Deep in thought and play.

  Hubby and I were talking the other day about schooling.  I made it clear that I believe homeschooling will be the best thing for our children but I know that it is not what I want to do.  It is the right thing to do.  He pointed out a instance that Susanna Wesley went through;
” One day Susanna was teaching a difficult rule of grammar, and Kezzy could not understand it. Patiently. Susanna went over it again and again.  Then noticing a shadow, she lifted her eyes and discovered that Samuel had been listening.  Shaking his head he commented, ” I wonder at your patience, Sukey. You have told that child twenty times that same thing.”  Susanna smiled.  “If I had satisfied myself by mentioning it only 19 times, I should have lost all my labor. It was the twentieth time that crowned it!”  (Taken from Mother of John and Charles, Susanna Wesley by Charles Ludwig)

How true it is! It not just area’s of schooling but in the daily teachings of life! THe most daunting and repentive thing we will teach will be the most useful to them later on in life.