It’s Tuesday!  I am actually still just watering the garden away and plucking here and there. It would be foolish to plant anything right now so it’s been a lot of weeding going on around here.   But yesterday I did spot this-

  Our first Cantelope!!!!!!!!! But then this morning Emma brought me the darling thing… It’s only the size of a small baseball.  Way to early to pick.  I was terribly dissapointed but I couldn’t stay too upset for long because she gave the biggest grin like,  “I helped you out Mommy! Its the size of a tomato! I know its the wrong color but hey aren’t they all suppose to be that big?”

Sniff. Smile.  Children are such a blessing you know that?

So, this weeks gardening post is how you should teach your children the difference between a cantelope and a tomatoe… even when your cantelope (volunteer) is growing in your tomato pot.  It’s still confusing for them. 😉