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I am actually going to combine Tuesday and Wednesday and do a gardening book.   I have a yard sale planned for Friday so I have found this week rather hectic.

I would like to write about my most useful Gardening book called,
Extreme Gardening

 We use this book for our gardening like we use the Bible.  Although the Bible is perfect, I do say that this book is not quite perfect in regards to being able to plant the perfect garden but it’s the most useful book ever!  David (the author) plants and has simular weather and soil conditions we do. 

It is more like a dictionary with information on bugs, soil condition, planting conditions, weather condition and all that.  Its MOSt useful for knowing what to plant together.  For example he tells us what not to plant next to Leeks. “Protect it: Avoid putting Leeks with Broccoli and Broad Beans”. 

We have had most sucess with using this book as our gardening guide.  I would recommend the investment in the book.  I know most reading this blog do not have such hard soil and weather that we do but it is also good for organic fertilizers, pestides (natural of course) and so on.  It tells you how to harvest, how to work with the soil, etc.  You may need to ajust the planting seasons but I would say that this book is still good for beginners.