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Cooking from Scratch-

Often the question comes up, “Is it really cheaper?”
Well, there is two sides to that coin.  If someone were to sit down and count the cost they would have to take in many different aspects;
A. What is the cost of the supplies?
B. What would I be forfitting my time with?
C. What about the electicity and gas bill?  How will it effect that?

Let’s start with an example:  I am going to use a friend here who was going to be out of town for the weekend and went and bought some convienent food for her husband and 3 children.  Family of 4 lets say, weekend (4 days for her) her bill was over $70.   This only did about 4 bags.  She normally spends this much on their family of 7 for a week and she cooks from scratch. 

According to surveys found on the internet the average family of four spends $244 a week on groceries.  That is about 4 times as much as we do.  We are a family of 3.  I say three because while Emmais now eating but small portions, I still have to eat for 2. 😉  So between the two of us I am counting that as 1.   I would be very interested to know WHAT exactly they eat. 

We usually have fresh fruit every day along with vegetables, whether canned, fresh, or frozen.  I don’t skimp really on our meals.  One reason is that David does not need to loose any weight. 😉  Another reason is that good food gives energy to our bodies.  We need it.  We can afford a modest diet of fresh good food since God has blessed us so well and I intend to use that nourishment fully well.

Ok back to cooking from scratch.  I cook about all my meals from scratch.  The exception being days likes today when I will go get 1/2 lb of the premixed/made Beef Fajita’s in the meat dept.  I spend about $3.00 and it makes a meal for both of us and enough for a small side dish for David the next day.  Along with it I’ll cook some brown rice and steam some sort of fresh veggie.  Its a nice meal done in about 1/2 hour (I have a rice cooker) and I didn’t spend $6-$7 at Taco Bell (remember we try to stay GF).

Bread, Bread is one thing I have found that is NOT cheaper to make from scratch is bread.  By the time you figure the cost of supplies, time taken from something else and electricity its cheaper to spend $2 on a loaf of bread.   But then we get to the matter of health over dollars.  All the money you have saved cooking from scratch is it worth it to you to put out the couple extra dollars to make a fresh loaf of bread? For me, no, I can’t get a good loaf of rice bread to save my life.  I’ll just spend the $$. 

It’s very late and my brain has slowed to the point of being dead.  Since its too late for anyone that reads this blog to read this anyway I’ll just close here. 

Benjamin Franklin said, “don’t be penny wise and pound foolish”.