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Well this is very late in the day.  So sorry. Its been a hectic day.

Today we did a  little gardening.  I am planning my fall garden and so far the vegetable plot will consist of,

~1 row of carrots (mini carrots are better for out here since it will either get to hot before they get long enough and will be biter or the frost will come and nip em again before they are long enough)
~ 2 rows of green beans
2 rows of peas (sugar snap and “normal”)
~ 1/2 row of spinach
~1/2 row of lettuce
~ 1/2 row of green onion with beets
1/2 row of squash

This is what has been planned so far for the veggies.  List subject to change. 😉

Today I concentrated on a small plot for some herbs and cosmos. It’s near the mailbox and I have been dying to work the soil there.  At 7:30am this morning the temp. was already 92f and it was hard digging in the soil with a belly out to there and a child to watch, but we managed and here is the process;

1. First I had to pull the Bermuda or crab grass out.  I didn’t get a before shot but this is what the plot next to it looks like. Just to give you an idea.  Now, this took 1/2 hour to do because a) I am very allergic to the weed. I break out in hives.   I hate wearing gloves.  I love the feel of dirt and soil beneath my fingers so I don’t own a pair of gloves and find them a nuisance anyways when you are trying to work.  THey are constantly falling off or doing something naughty.   So It was all done by shovel and a spade and a small size rake.

2.  I bought (yes I did! :O ) some top soil. Organic.  I knew we would need our compost for the veggie plot and since that seemed more useful to me than a small hobby area I spent a whole $1.50 on some top soil.   So here you have the weeded area and the top soil ready to go on.

3.  This is now the soil worked in and wetted down.  I wet my soil down before I do any plantin’.  The reason for this is to get my soil even.  Once the ground is wet and soaked down I will again work the soil to a more even setting.  I like evenness.

Now I really can’t do much at this point and I have been outside an hour and the sweat is pouring all over me and babykins is ready for her morning nap.  So I snap a few pics of my gardening/sodbustering partner and in we go;

Actually, we first went on a small 20 minute walk THEN she went to bed.  I brought the camera with me and did manage to snap a few pictures for your pleasure;

 Whats left of our flood.  I think it makes our desert area look more authentic. LOL.

Wild Mint.  I am going to figure out how to get some of that home!

 Our street is famous for its flock of quail.  I love it when the babies are out but never manage to get a picture before they leave the coop so to speak.  I managed to snap this picture using our zoom feature but it still was dissapointing to be about 100 feet away and them already rushing away.  But it made such a cute lil picture.

 Our house at a first glance…

 Once inside the gate…

 And to the left… our famous garden.  

You know, I have only been here about 2 years.  My husband bought the house about 1-2 years before we were married.  He got a job and bought a house when we became very serious in our courtin’ stage.  And even then it was still 2 years before we got married… no it wasn’t exactly planned that way so we could have a nest egg.  My dear husband wanted so badly to have the perfect home to bring his bride too.  It was so sweet of him and he stressed about it so much that I reminded him that he needed to leave me a job for the home.  I cant spend all day cleaning up after a meal we share in the morning and spend the rest of the day working on dinner.  LOL.  Poor guy wasn’t totally convinced that he shouldn’t ready the house.  I felt like saying with Charlotte Lucas from Pride and Prejudice;
“I ask only a comfortable home…”  

We came here to a deserted yard.  We have made a compost bin and area.   We have worked hard soil into a garden plot.  We planted two peach tree’s that died.  1 ash tree that still lives and a sycamore tree that died.  We are working on a drive way for the cars by lining the way with Michaelmas Daisies.  All in all, we really have come very far! I could have done more during the 8 months of being a newly wed I totally admit.  But once the children started coming while the process slowed, we ended up in the long run getting more done!  It is amazing the way God works out even the small details in our life.

So, this has been your Tuesday report.