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 I am going to have a little bit difficult time doing this.  My question goes to, well, what should I do? Fiction? Spiritual? Children’s books? All three?  I finally decided to do a children’s book this week.

Recently this book has come into my posession;

I love Usborne books.   They books are SO nicely bound and fresh looking. So full of good information but keep the kids reading and reading! I am very interested in butterflies and nature (thank you Roger (for the clueless, time to watch Wives and Daughters from BBC)) and have found Emma to be of the same mind too.  That’s my girl.  So I bought this book. 

It is so full of information, small snipets, more extensive, etc.  that children CAN learn from and look forward to their next outting.   I highly recommend this.  I have picked up nature books here and there from yard sales, thrift shops, etc but I will say that this was WAY worth the money.  The other books just had so little information that could commonly be applied as just common sense.  I am learning from this book.

It does not ONLY go into details about insects but how the flowers or tree’s and such can benefit from the insects.  Emma my 10month old baby loves to look at the pictures.  I am not exaggerating. 

This would be a GREAT gift.  I am so so pleased I put the money out there.  I have such a hard time buying new books.  But this was worth every cent.

I have only one complaint about this book.  I didn’t like the new book smell. 😉

The Usborne Shelf