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Today’s To-do list

Laundry- consiting of;

  • Wash
  • Hang on line/dry
  • Fold
  • Hang up
  • Put away

Kitchen Duty- Consisting of

  • Dishes washed
  • Floor cleaned
  • Fridge cleaned out
  • Freezer defrosted
  • stove and counters wiped


  • Floors vaccumed
  • Table cleared
  • couch cleared
  • entry way swept
  • piano dusted and cleared

Bedroom- Bed made and clothes off of floor
Dress a Day project

Package up packages
Car picked up (ie toys out and reusable bags in proper place)

Well, I’m worn out.  Freezer and fridge and floor will have to be tomorrow’s project. How did you all do?

What’s on your do to list? Spend 5 minutes making a list that MUST get done today.  Then write a list of what you would like to see get done.  Tape it to your computer screen or wherever you like to “hideout” 😉 and get busy!