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 Many people warn you the dangers of coupon shopping.  Mostly because you actually can end up paying more for your purchases because most coupons are brand names over store prices.  For the most part this is true, however for today I will be explaining why I choose Juicy Juice over store brands.

I tend to purchase juice for me and hubby and Emma will occasionaly get some.  We have been trying to wean her off dairy so she has been getting more juice than I normally would give her.  Gasp, a cup a day! (Baby size cup of course)  So in my efforts to be more frugal I would purchase the store brand juice and delude it in some water.  However it came to the point where it was actually the same cost to buy Juicy Juice with coupons (End up being .10 – .50 more than store brand a jar) and deluding that in water.  It last so much longer because the Juicy Juice has a stronger juice taste.  The store has been deluded enough.  For normal drinking its fine and better cost but I like to dilude Emma’s in a lot of water.  More than half and half.   A typical bottle from the grocery store can last up to 1.5 weeks for us as a family.  Juicy Juice because we will all delude it (and still have that great taste) last for 2.5-4 weeks. 

Another reason I do Juicy Juice is because I have this thing about added sweeteners in my juice.  Ok so both hubby and I have this thing.  So when you look at the back of the bottles and compare prices and store brands and ingredients it boils down to two choices.  Which will you choose?