I had always assumed that here they were talking about carrying babies all day or making/kneading bread… I mean you earn muscles from doing that day after day.  I have come to the conclusion that there is another way she does it as well. (she being the perfect Prov. 31 woman we all aspire to be).  Anyway, she does this by making rice pudding.

  That’s the rice pudding I made last night.  A real treat for hubby and a workout for me.  Being 100F here in town slaving over a hot stove is a lot of work.    But it turned out ok, the verdict was cut the sugar by atleast half.  Too sweet.  I used this recipe.

 After dinner I was able to finish my month late birthday gift for a dear friend in Scotland.  I think she’ll like em.  They are herb markers.  I made three and stiffened em by fabric stiffener.  It also worked as glue.  They turned out so cute!


Have a wonderful weekend readers.  Enjoy starting the week out by worshiping our Lord. 🙂