I have a bookshelf right next to my computer.  It should be filled with books like herbs, gardening, child rearing, a bible, a concordance, well you get the idea.  However it’s also part of the kitchen counter therefore it has cookbooks, and children’s books on it.  Oh yeah and SOME health books.

I always love it when people take pictures next to books. I read teh titles.  So I thought i would just take a picture of the bookcase.  Come on, you know you wanna see what books I have…

   The bottom bookshelf is entirely children’s books.  I am so proud of my small collection picked up from thrift stores, yard sales, and being a Usborne Consulant always helps develope that excellent taste in books. 😉

Then there are the times we will pull out the special books and Emma and I will look them over.  Today happened to be antique picture books. You know the kind that change pictures with the twist of the wrist.

 I am so proud of myself.  Today I *had* to condense our books.  The shelf was just too full and overflowing.  I managed to even make room for a few more.  Duplicates left. 

Sigh… our own personal library!