I am surrounded by fabric, lace, elastic, thread, and scraps everywhere.  It’s not suppose to be in such a disarray.  Why is it? I am not exactly sure.  I have a tendency to get everything spic and span and then the week after it be a total dissaster again.  It drives me nuts, bonkers, and every other term of frustration.  I do still manage to stay on top of sewing one item daily. Yesterday it was 4 items.  Slowly but surely my fabric stash is depleting.  It’s so sad to see some of my favorites go.  Knowing I’ll probably never use them again.  I haven’t learned as my mother has, that pretty fabrics still tend to come into season so its ok to use up your fabric.  There is always more.  Solomon should have met a seamstress.. “To the making of fabrics… there is no end”.

Why on earth am I blogging about this? Cause I am motivating myself to have a clean and organized home someday…soon! I am now 20 weeks along.  The time is racing by for this little one to come join us.  I still would like to get my fabric stash to 1/4 of what it is now. Atleast.  Ohhh boy. That’s a lot of work.  I have been a very good girl and have not bought any of Walmart’s recent fabrics… which are to die for.  

But I wonder, what does everyone have in their home that they are dying to clean out or reduce?  Is it books? Clothes? clutter?  Spend 10 minutes a day just sorting and it will begin to diminish.  It is amazing to think of the stuff we are so blessed with that we never use. 

Lets enjoy our time here on earth but remember not to hored stuff that we can’t take with us. 🙂