Well hello all!

It has been a very busy weekend.  Wednesday my car battery died.  So glad it was nothing major but never being in a car when the battery died (that I can remember) it was an intersesting experiance. 

So thursday I spent the day running errands,  using my mother’s car.  It was a very hectic day to say the least… and I wasn’t even doing the grocerie shopping!

Friday morning at o’darkthirty we made our out-of-town trip.  It took up all morning and the afternoon was spent cleaning out the house.  That task alone involves many hours of organizing, re-arranging, purging, and sometimes selling.  My husband just left to make a thrift store dump though.   It’s always a good reminder of how blest we are.

What’s on the agenda for today?  Sewing!  Lot’s of sewing!

Oh, and I plan to make some fresh lemonade.  Have you ever made lemonade? I haven’t but I found this recipe off of another blog I read.  She takes wonderful pictures and it’s hard not to let your mouth water when you see that fresh lemonade picture…


Have a special and wonderful weekend!