Good morning readers, Some of you are so faithful at checking the blog daily and I have not been very good at keeping this up to date. Shame on me. 

Today we started the morning out at 4am.  Emma woke up to needing a bottle of goats milk and hubby got up, as did I for different purposes of course.  What I didn’t realize is that he didn’t return to bed until about 1/2 hour later… Then I found him in the kitchen burning ants.  Mint does NOT work.  The ants here LOVE the mint.  Sigh.  Back to square one.  Carpets to vaccum a floor to scrub, furniture to move and clean behind. Totes of stuff I have been trying to find homes for went out the door until I could calmly deal with it.  All the while, my husband went quietly about, doing this and that to kill them.  We use the Max Attraxx from Home depot to take care of them but it still takes a whole day and 2 bait traps. GAAAAAAAAAA.

I then set to making bacon, and eggs with onion and fresh parsley.  Mmmm…
Emma wakes up, we feed her some of our fresh carrots and zuccini that have been through the blender.  It is not long afterwards that we start hearing the grunts come from her.  We all know what that means.  But hubby and I calmly finishing eating and talking about what I will be doing today… mental checklist starts

Make coulottes and tiered skirts for friend
Daily exercise
Plan fall garden
Bottle up recycle items for this weekends trip
Do shopping list
D.A.D. (Dress A Day) Project
Scrub Kitchen
Scrub Bathroom
Divide and freeze chicken
Purify water (alkaline water)
House plants water
Bathroom scrub

And the list continues on but my brain closes up.  So here I am at the computer.  Break time.
Emma and I did our exercise.  We left around 7:30am to go for a walk.  By the time we had returned home though, 8:30am it was 100F outside.  We both were sweating and needing lots of water.
My day then began.  On the D.A.D. project I realized I had messed up the pattern and therefore would have to purchase more fabric (WAAAAAAAA) in order to finish this.  Forget it.  Lets tackle the cleaning for the ant project.  That turned into a, “Lets keep Emma from playing with the ants” project.  Fine. We’ll tackle the bedroom.  Ahhh. Tranquility. Peacefulness. Wait, where did that basket of unfolded laundry come from?  Has it truly been there since Monday??????

The women’s world of chaos is never fully at a rest. 

While tidying up the livingroom I came across some of the recent item’s I purchased through our penny jar (the jar that collects pocket change).  I found my next project…

 Isn’t it CUTE?!? It’s actually NOT for  #2 muffin but a baby gift.   It’s crocheted so this is going to be a fun one to learn. ahem.  It says, “easy” but most people that make these are experts so of course they think it’s easy.  But I shall conquer! I have that stubborn Scot blood in me.

Have a wonderful day all you readers, tackle something today that you have been dying to get done but keep putting it off.  Set the timer for 1 hour.  What can you get done in that hour? Remember, it will go by fast.


I also wanted to add that I listed a few books for sale here.