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 Thank you dear Cathe for helping me once again on my knitting quest.  I am still a begginer knitter.  I am trying new things, learning much more, and ripping out even more. Thus, when I tend to acomplish something it is quite a thrill.  This week’s acomplishment happens to be a round (yes ROUND!) dishcloth. 

I picked the pattern up from here, The pretty cotton dishcloth, and have been messing around for a few months.  Finally my dear mother brought me home some beautiful cotton yarn from her out of town trip and stop to JoAnns.  I knew almost immediatly which pattern I wanted to do. 

So yesterday on the way to Morgann’s open house, out came the needles, pattern, and yarn and into the diaper bag they went.  The first rows were easy but then I was to leave two stitches on my needle and completely ignore them.  uhhhh, right.  My limited capacity brain could not comprehend.  No comprendo amigo.  I handed the stuff to Mumsie, “explain”.  She looked at me with her peircing eyes, “I don’t do patterns. Call Cathe, or Kirky.”  Sorry mother but where could I go to hear?

I impatiently waited til we got home, which was not too long after that since it was Euphemia’s naptime and we were still babysitting.  I almost immediatly IM’d Cathe.   IF there ever was such a picture of a modern Knight in shining armour (feminine version of course) this was it.  With much patience Cathe explained it to me.   About 15 minutes later I had it all figured out… sort of.  It didn’t look right so I kept going… and going… and going… finally I finished one petal.   It looked right! Whew.  Better do one more to be sure I don’t forget, then I can get a good night sleep.

This morning, I made breakfast and whilst we ate it I continued working, I dare not forget!!!!
I quickly snapped a picture and smiled with pride over what I have acomplished.  Things are beginning to look up.  With help of dear friends I am figuring out how to do things that I have longed to do for many years!

So, for those that would like to see what I have been trying to acomplish…