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Today is Morgann’s graduation.  I am sure my Mother will blog about it.  But it left Friday very busy. 

We mostly did a lot of gardening. But I made some fresh tea as well.

I am really looking forward to my tea.   It’s bought from -www.bulkherbstore.com and I was so pleased with the excellent service they provided. 
In my tea is Red Raspberrt,  Alfalfa, Nettle, and Peppermint.  And it tastes excellent!

We then did our gardening-

This is a little decor on my part.  I L.O.V.E. Pinecones. I think they add the sweetest decor’ to any garden.  This is how I spruce up flower beds.

We also planted some herbs, mint (ladies, my solution to get rid of ants. We will see if it work’s or not. )

Here, I put them up by the house.  You can see more of my flowerbed decor’.  I don’t claim to be an expert.  Nor is there a particular style of decorating. I just throw in what I like.

Upclose shot;

There’s that sod again!

This one will go in our house.  We are not sure where exactly since our diningroom table already homes 2 plants and the computer desk one.  Maybe on top of the bookcase by the open window.  Early morning sun, afternoon shade. Perfect!

I also planted one Zucinni Squash plant.  The poor lil thing looked so neglected at Walmart when I was purchasing the mint so I decided to find a home for him as well.  We love zucinini around here.

He looks more perky today. 🙂

This is our summer garden,  we think those are cantelope, they are voluntary whatever they are.  We’ll love em!

This is what happens when you have to work the soil a lot.  I am not sure what number of fixin’ this shovel handle is on but it’s not it’s first. 

       But our happiest moment of the day was to find lil basil peeking from the ground.  They have survived first stage.  Shall they continue on to the next round?  Doesn’t that just wanna make you smile!  Have a wonderful weekend!

God give you a good Sunday worship!