Do you have a problem with housekeeping? Do you lack the motivation and the skill to acomplish such a task?  We have found the solution! Ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proverbs 6:6-8 says:
“Go to the Ant, You sluggard, Observe her ways and be wise, which having no chief, officer, or ruler, prepares her food in the summer, and gathers her provision in the harvest.”

HOW true this is.  Lets just examine the first part, Go to the ant, you sluggard.  Well the ants have a goal and that goal is to keep you on your toes.  You DO go to the ants.  You look all over your carpet and any suface area’s trying to find out where they are and what exactly they are doing. 

Next part, Observe her ways and be wise.  Did you know how clever ants are??? They can find any nook and cranny in your home.  They find any way in and it’s hard to drive them out.  It is your job to outwit them!

The rest of the verse- which having no chief, officer, or ruler, prepares her food in the summer, and gathers her provision in the harvest, tells us that she has no plans on obeying your stern commands on leaving. You can broom threaten, fire threaten, Boiling water threaten, and any other forms of torture or death threaten but they are still persistant little buggers. Sigh.

So, you are probably wondering by now what has this to do with housekeeping?? Well I have excellent news for you.  We are now selling these fantastic homekeeping helpers for just $1 a thousand.  We will even include and extra thousand in there for free!  If you have trouble keeping your kitchen spotless, you will no longer!  Do you remember that drop of water still left in your glass? Well these little guys are a great reminder never to let that happen.  Do you suffer from not vaccuming the floors every day?  Have no fear! Within a week you will have the cleanest carpets on teh block-maybe even the whole town!

Did you forget to dry the floors in your bathroom? Leave the toilet seat up? Hamper needs to be emptied? That’s ok! These are hourly reminders of what needs to be done and you will end up with a bathroom fit for Martha Stewart!

Dishes didn’t get done last night?? Don’t worry! Your problems have ceased.  I guarantee that you will never forget again once these critters have found their way on your counters.

Do you suffer from insomnia??? No longer! These wonderful ants will make sure you work so hard that you fall asleep before hitting the pillow and you will be sure to stay asleep while you think about what the morrow brings. 

Did you always want to be like Daddy? Fill his shoes so to speak?  Well here you go! Within 3 days I guarantee that you can have a painless bald head! While pulling your hair out you will have so many other thoughts on your mind and certain words that you dare not speak that you will never miss the pain from loosing your hair!

What did I tell you???? Doesn’t this sound like the solution for you?

We have really benefited from them… and you will too!

Tune in tomorrow to find out another solution!