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 Today I took Euphemia and my younger siblings to the park.  I also remembered to take the camera.  Warning; Many pictures ahead!

Jenna found it more fun to climb up the toys.

Lorna enjoyed sliding

 Moment of acomplishment!

Ethan wanted to be all boy… so…

He kept begging me to take pictures.

Aunt and Neice…

Euphemia enjoyed the slide as well!

This scene should have been video taped.  Ethan was calmly telling Lorna, “OK Lorna, Legs in, out, pull em in!”


Andra then wanted a turn…

Emma was interested in the dirt, what a sodbuster.

Jenna snapped this one of me.  Now you know the real reason I took them to the park.

So we all decided to have devotion time. 🙂

Andra and Emma decided grass was better than dirt.

“I’ve been deserted!”


Group picture take 1

Group picture take 2

Take 3… We’re getting somewhere!

Direct sunlight always gives such happy expressions!!!


I hope you enjoyed our outting as much as we did!