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 I hate to do this but now, I feel compelled to do so. 

I have received many, many, many comments on how my prices are kind of high or that it would be a better bargain if the stated price included shipping.  By this, I mean that they expect shipping to be included in the already stated price rather than increasing the stated price to cover the cost of shipping so that the price shown was the total price.  This is impossible and here is why;

We all know that shipping costs are high and we all want to be good stewards of the money God has entrusted to us but there comes a time when it’s good to see the other side of an issue

The following will give you an idea of who is getting the better deal in regards to my sewing and what I sell:

The fabric for a child’s basic jumper costs at minimum, $6-$8.  This is for the more inexpensive fabric I use.  Most of the time its closer to $10-$12 and, of course, can be even more.  Right now, I am selling the jumpers at $10 each (sometimes more if the fabric is on the more expensive side) which means that for about 3-4 hours work I am asking $2-$4 labor.  In other words, my “earnings” on a child’s jumper is approximately .75 per hour. 

A “Sale” Dress” is listed at $15.  It’s costing me about $10 in fabric and often more.   That looks like I’m now making approximately $5 labor at this point but wait.  I have to buy notions like zippers, buttons, lace and whatnot.  So it basically ends up being less than $4 labor charge.   Again, I make approximately .75 per hour. 

I cannot ship these items for less than 3-4 dollars as a general rule.  If I pay shipping on these I would end up paying you to for the privilege of selling them.

With so many people irate about the “sweatshop labor” of Chinese workers and the pittance they’re paid, and with the attacks on Wal-Mart for selling these products, I wonder that people can expect me to do the same? 

Again, I ask, who is getting the better bargain?

If you go to a sale at Landsend.com and find a dress you like, but it’s too expensive with shipping, you don’t attack the company for not selling it with free shipping included. It would be considerate to show cottage businesses the same courtesy

 Upon request I am adding the links to the clothing, these are updated frequently.
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