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I am choosing a few snapshots that I took yesterday since Saturdays are so busy for me.  Enjoy!

This was our lunch.  We had chicken salad with fresh spinach, pears, and carrots.  Emma had prunes and plain yogurt. David enjoyed his Alqualine water and I did some Raspberry tea.

This is what I dubbed David’s bookshelf although there are some of “my” books on it.  The bottom shelf consists of Louis L Amour and Zane Grey books and some picturesque books like Countryside Virginia, all about Horses and pictures, Archery, how to be a cowboy, how to tan hides, guy stuff 😉 . The top shelf holds various books.  Our classic, Reader’s Digest series.  Picked up at thrift stores and yard sales for a $1 or less.  There are two books that I really enjoy as picture books, one is Bill Coleman’s Amish pictures, and the other is a bday gift from hubby titled, “Historic Scotland” (Home of my ancestors). He has a Germany book or 3 (His ancestors) and there are some English Literature books as well.  This bookshelf sits in the livingroom for visitors to browse.  We live such a dull life that visitors often look for something to do while visiting. 😉

This is actually a doll Mumsie gave me so I could sell it on ebay.  But when it was brought home Emma loved it so much that we dubbed it her first birthday gift (if I never finish her sweater I started ;))

See what I mean? She loves the thing.  It’s even bigger than her! I don’t think we are going to have any trouble with her and the new little one on the way. 🙂