Just a short post to clear something up.  I have NO problem saying Chicken Breasts.  In the store when I am asking for some I quite often use that term so the poor butchers know what I am talking about.  But I got into the habit when I was quite young and growing up in my parent’s weird house of saying, Chicken chests.  My mother said it, “was out of respect for the dead chicken”.  But I know she didn’t give a hoot one way or another whether a chicken, a animal, needed any respect at all… especially when you were going to devour it soon later.   When I met my husband and he learned our new term he added a more old fashion word, bosom.  So now we had Chicken chests and chicken bosoms.  If that wasn’t enough for a “respectful” chicken… our british neighbor went into Albertsons asking for some, “Chicken Boobs or whatever those breast’s are called”.   Man how I would have loved to have heard that one!

So anyway.  Now you know another quirk of our family.  🙂

Did I have you laughing?