With the price of gas going up almost daily a lot of us are trying to find way to penny pinch.  I hope my friend Cathe will do a blog on some of the ways she manages money.  But here are some of the ways we find to save a few extra dollars…

  • have a errand day.  This saves gas and time that could be used elswhere. 🙂
  • scedule a day aside to make your own baby food (recipes forthcoming)
  • Stock up when there are sales.    Chicken is especially nice.  If chicken chests are on sale get enough for three weeks (how ever much you eat chicken triple. )  use that freezer space. 
  • Freeze meals.  I know this sounds silly but it cuts out those rush meals when you throw you hands up and say, “Lets order Pizza”.  If you budget for those special occasions wonderful!
  • Recycle.  Don’t throw bottles and can’s away.  Get a rubbermaid tote, trashcan, whatever and start recycling.  5c a can and 5 cents a bottle add up FAST.  Especially if you buy bottled water and drink soda often. 
  • Fill up when you need gas.  The price of gas goes up, not down.  Instead of putting $10 in there, fill up.  Budget so you can do this it really does save alot in the long run. 
  • Check your Sunday paper for coupons.  If you don’t get a sunday paper see if your neighbor is through with theirs.  My neighbor only reads the obits or the letters to the editor.  She usually will give me the ads and coupons.  Although we only live in a town that has two grocery stores sometimes you still can find walgreen ads that have certain items that are cheap. 
  • Buy store brand instead of name brand.   There are certain things we enjoy so much better than store brand but for the most part they taste about the same.  No one is going to scruntinize what brand you have.   We do prefer name brand chips though. 😉
  • Watch electricity.  If no one is in a room, close the door, turn the lights off, etc.  Let the cool air stay where there is more activity.  I usually don’t turn our cooler on until after 12pm.  It gets up to 90 in here but with the window’s open and stuff to keep me busy with and cold water I usually don’t notice.
  • We don’t have a regular trash service.  With only two people we would never use enough trash to warrant a monthly bill.  Is this so for your family?  We have 3 trash cans that my husband takes to the dump about 1 every 3-4 months.  OR, split the cost with a neighbor.  Most elderly have plenty of room in their garbage container for yours as well.  If you are on friendly terms with your neighbor see about working a plan with them.  Most are quiet open to it as it could help cut their expenses as well. 
  • Plant a garden.  Its great activity for the children.  Family time.  It doesn’t have to be big.  It cuts time away from the TV and saves you $$.  Plant small and grow larger.  Pea’s, green beans, carrots and tomatoes are always good and usually pretty easy to grow.  Butternut Squash is a good subsitute fro pumpkin.  Saves more $$ on canned or frozen veggies. And taste 10 times better.
  • Make a menu.  See what’s on sale.  See what you can make with it.  Make a shopping list and menu and hit the stores.
  • Carry cash.  It’s harder to spend more when you are limited to cash only.  For some reason it gets me in the mindset of limiting what I buy to only what is on my shopping list and only what I need.

These are just few idea’s.  If you have others please feel free to leave me a comment or drop a line.  I am always on the lookout for more idea’s. 🙂