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 Do you remmeber all the lettuce we had? It all went to seed. Well, some,  most of it was eaten by what hubby calls white flies.  I guess they suck the juice out of the lettuce til it dies.  Anyway, it was my job to cut the stalks of the lettuce that was going to seed so hubby could compost it.   He grabbed the camera.  I nervously chopped all that lettuce.  I say nervously becuase there were two, read that, 2! yellow jackets buzzing around and I know that they are mean critters.  I was also very sad.  All that lettuce we couldn’t use.

That white scarf on my head.  We dubbed that my head-covering.  I wear dresses/skirts 90% of the time.  When my neck it out very badly and I haven’t been able to see the chiropracter I cannot put my hair up or back without a severe headache following.  So I resort to those hankies.  Hair is out of my face and I am happy.  But people often mistake the dress and the kercheif as a headcovering.  Now I see no reason to correct them unless they ask. After all, it is covering my head.  But then I am often asked, “Do you believe it’s biblical to cover your head?”  I can point out the verse in Corinthians about a woman’s hair being her covering.  But I do confess that the idea of a “real” headcovering has always been intriguing to me.  I like the idea of a daily, minutly reminder of whose authority I am under.  But I confess.  I am a bit cautious of my looks and do not think I could brave the “looks” and stares I could/would get from wearing one (as if just plain wearing dresses doesn’t do it. lol)   I wear dresses/skirts mainly because i like them.  I feel very feminine in them.  They are much cooler than pants. But I do own a few pairs of pants.  But my sister in law has a way of wearing shorts, capri’s,  pants, short dresses and always looks so feminine.  I have tried to imitate her wardrobe but it doesn’t have the same effect on me. 

Do you know what this is? Can you guess?

It’s not rasberries.  Still guessing????


It’s homegrown beets and zuccini blended up.  Emma enjoyed it very much as did hubby.  Since I was doing a cleanse that day and had eaten fruit and veggies mainly all day, more was just not appealing.  Her diaper was much more colorful this morning.   

Today is tuesday.  I shall be very busy sewing, taking care of the house and etc.
It is not even 8am and i have managed a good 1/2 hour walk.  Special breakfast (eggs AND muffins), getting babygirl fed, got hubby’s lunch, took laundry down, had devotion time.  The day is looking bright.  Top of the morning to you.