This was actually suppose to be posted last week but life has a way of creeping by you, ya know?

So this week’s question was;
Name three people who had a personal (as in person to person) influence in your life and what that influece was. 

This one is NOT going to be easy to write.  Everyone to a certain degree makes some sort of influence in your life. 

I would have to first say my Mother.  She impacted me daily on her giving spirit, the times I would accidently walk in her quiet time and see her on the bed reading her worn Bible that she had since highschool (?).  I remember the days when she would read to us from Elsie Dinsmore and while I really disliked Elsie I always wanted to read stories to MY children just like Mumsie did one day.   When the years flew by other traits came out from my mother that I wanted to posess.  Her biblical way of handling issues.  The way she would agonize over a difficult decision because was it the best for her family? Was this what God wanted?  They way she was a submissive wife.  How she would chide me for not speaking respectfully of my Daddy.  And so much more.   As children we would always say,  “I’m never going to be as harsh as Mommy! I’m going to be better!”  But how little we knew of the parenting that takes so much out of us.  My mother has a meek and quiet spirit but she knows her Bible well.  I can always go to her for a biblical question even when I don’t put the question right because she just hand’s out scripture.  It’s comforting.

My other influence would probably be my Mother-in-Law.  I have never ever ever heard one bad thing about my mother-in-law.  I have never heard her bad mouth anyone.  Her love for her family is a sweet devotion but she does not hang so tight to them all.  She does not mind handing out advice… Take it or leave it, it’s up to you.   She has a way of frugality but you would never ever know.  She is such a hard worker.  Over 65 and still works from sun up to sun down.  A retired school teacher (a sweet one) that never retired, just exchanged her priorities.  She bakes, garden’s,  helps her husband (pastor), clean a very large home, and still find’s time to visit those who are less fortunate about having family visitors.  She is my influence as a Prov. 31 woman.  No doubt.

The third influence is a hard one.  I am not surrounded by those who love to visit me, nor do I seek out company.  I would have to say the third person that influenced my life that I know would be my SIL, Sharine.   As her husband went through boughts of depression as well she can understand the “trouble, sorrows we’ve seen”.  She can offer biblical advice and she is sooo active in making sure that the community recieves the gospel of Christ.  Actually, her father’s story is a wonderful tale that I would love to share someday…  Her love for her husband is so evident while her devotion and time for her children is always there.  She has such well mannered children that talk so easily to us grown ups.  And if I may be so biased, I know that they love their Aunt Challice.  Humble pie inserted and eaten.  What she has influenced me most would probably be her devotion to God that spills over into her family. 

So I have a spiritual influence, a Prov. 31 influence, and a Christian (ie. spread God’s word to those) influence.