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 Watering Can! Yep, that’s right, watering cans now have a new and unique look that makes everyone wanna go out and buy 10.  The best news is yet to come, you will receieve free juice in the process (well unprocesses juice of a sort).  So go and get your new watering cans at any local grocery store!

Yes, that is my watering bottle for my indoor and sometimes outdoor plants.  Since most watering cans that you can buy cost an arm and a leg we improvised and found more than one use for our empty juice bottles.  One is actually our out of town water jug as well.  Keeps nice and cool if you fill it 1/4 way of water, freeze, then when you leave fill the rest up with water.  It usually stays cool our whole trip when we see the chiropracter. That’s about 4 hours!  Back to my plants, they enjoy these water bottles cause sometimes they also recieve the leftover drops of juice or even the smell of apple juice on their soil.  And my indoor plants look so healthy I’d like to think it was my improved watering can.  Amazing what you can find to acomplish on a tight budget.

This is my kitchen window.  That is my gift from Mamacita (Mother-in-law).  I had two but one I tried transplanting to a bigger pot and it died… outdoors too. Sigh.  Such persnickity little plants.  This one looks about pooped but it has looked that way for almost a year now.  Amazing lil guys.  Love my aloe vera.  I can forget to water it for 2 weeks and it will still look fresh and green.  Well, as fresh as I can make it.  

Have a wonderful weekend!