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This weeks question for our Blog Meme was,

What book would you like to see made into a movie?  Describe the cast and if possible, why you chose them.

This is a difficult one as I know my mother did my first choice but the more I thought about it I came up with,

Camellia By Ginny Aiken

The story is about a pregnant widow who runs a boarding house.  The youngest of three and her little “Mutley” get wound up in a mystery with the new town Dr. a budhist in desperate need of reformation.

My cast would be;
Camellia – Katherine Heigl
Dr. Stephen – Anthony Howell  Matthew McConaughey
Sophie- Kali Rocha  How on earth did I geta  young girl for her??? Umm… Mia Dillon? (Gods and Generals)
Willie- Michael Gambon  James Earl Jones
Myrna- Sophie Thomson
Magnolia- Bridgette Wilson
Lark – Nicole Kidman
Wiggon the policeman-
Louella- Julie Andrews or Helen Mirren
Girl Student- Emmy Rossum (cause I like her ;))

ETA- see what happens when you only watch British movies???