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 With small exceptions this is what will usually go on in my household.

5:30-6:30 AM (depending on Emma) wake up, feed the baby and slowly creep out of the comfy bed.
6:30-7:00 Eat breakfast, make husband’s lunch. 
7:00-7:30- Get ready to leave for work (hubby) Make bed (me) Drink some water after eating breakfast (Emma)

Now it’s time for Mommy and Daughter devotions.  Mainly because I need a bit more time.

Emma has Bible time too.

By this time all of us are usually dressed.  Usually we would be going for a walk but this day the wind was going to hard so we contented ourselves inside for 1/2 hour.  Not exactly sure what we did but soon enough it was time for Emma’s nap.  Down she went.

It was then about 8:30, my time for being in the garden.  Today I must transplant some poorly looking tomatoes and weed out some of the garden.  The tomatoes will go into the row that the peas were in.  We harvested em all and ate every last one of them.  Next year we will have many more rows of said peas.

On my way in I just took another picture of this gorgeous plant.

Today I had a few letters to get sent.  This lil lap desk was a gift many years ago from my dear mother and father.  It has served me faithfully.  I often think of a burning candle and a old feather pen and ink.  But anyway, I set myself to work.

It is about 9:30 now so I will spend the next hour on the computer.  I check email, blog some, check other blogs, check my message boards, check any auctions, check this and that, do some research, chat with my friends.  Emma usually will wake up about 10:30-11:30

Then it is time to do some other things.  Play time is now.  While she will play;

I will be busy sewing….

That there became this;

Usually by noon we are anxiously awaiting Daddy’s daily lunch call.  Emma knows the telephone will ring and will light up with smiles when it’s her turn to gurgle to Daddy.  Not sure what breathing code they have going between them but I know it’s something special.

The afternoon is pretty much our school time.  Yes even 7 month old Emma has her school work to do.  Here you see her studying about critters from her Usbourne book.  She is such a smart lil thing that usually she completes this within 45 seconds of recieving her work.

Emma REALLY loves her Usbourne book. 

Next is her Math.  Here she is learning subtraction. 
“If Mommy gave you 6 cherios and you eat 4, how many will you have left?”

Here Mommy had to do a few errands and didn’t get back home til about 4:00pm.

Now we also mustn’t forget our music lessons.  Here we are teaching her Beethoven’s 5th.

Approval from the pianist Daddy is always a must.  Daddy gave the thumbs up!


On a hot summer day we like the cool meals in life.   Sandwhiches and Cantelope.  Can’t go wrong with that!

Euphemia is enjoying her carrots, beef, and rice

After dinner is our quieting down time.  Mommy will do the dishes.  Euphemia will “content” herself on the floor, Daddy will do various gardening tasks or in the case of last night work more on the cooler electrical.  It is time again for devotionals.  Euphemia sits nicely on Daddy’s lap sucking her two fingers, while mommy concentrates on Daddy’s reading while her needle goes up and down on the cloth she holds.

8:30 Emma goes down for the night.  I am making apple butter tonight as we are running low.   I so enjoy the smell of apple and cinnamon cooking.  IN the morning the fresh smell helps us get up better.  And tomorrow we will have toast and fresh apple butter.


mmmm, can you smell it now?

And then we retire.  I write a bit in my journal.  Hubby will read another few pages from his Louis L’ amour Novel and we will head off to sleep….