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 When a “country night” is mentioned I think of a swaying porch swing, crickets and frogs singing,  full moons,  a sky so black that the stars seem bigger and brighter than ever.    Well, here in our little area we experiance all that in the day.  Well, the frog and cricket songs anyway.  AS I type this my windows are open to let the summer breeze come in.  I have no curtain fluttering in the wind because soon that breeze will turn into a dust devil.  I hear the crickets chirping all the time all day here.  Our neighbor has some very large and very full Oleander bushes (BLECH!) that seems to grow not only bush wise but bug wise.  We have thousands of cockroaches, and other such things.  But its the cricket songs that remind me of the Country LIfe dream. 

The other night it was a beautiful cool evening.  So my husband and I pulled out the old kitchen chairs and put them on the front porch and talked like we did back in the courtin’ days.  We talked about the life we dreamed of (real farm!) the “pets” we someday would have (chickens, goats and horses) and all that.  The crickets sang (or scoffed at) for us that night too.  It was not long before the child emerged from my husband when I pointed a frog not to far away.  With a leap (like the frog) he was after it.  I took his picture

That’s no frog! That’s a Horney Toad! He must have been tryin’ to court Molly Mouse.   For those of you that are a little confused, type in “Froggie went a courtin'” on google search.  Sung only by the Brothers Four. The best group out there.  And they are still living! Imagine that! 😉

Tomorrow I plan to post about a day in the life of sodbusters…Chas blog (see right hand side) has really interested me enough that I wanna do it too.