Not sure what today is going to be like in the meal planning arena.   We did cold cereal (corn checks with toasted oats) for breakfast.   We may do chicken salad chip n dip for lunch with veggies.
You make a basic chicken salad, and then use corn chips to eat it with.  Nice light lunch.

Chicken salad
1-2 chicken bosoms (breast) cut up
large spoon of mayoniase (We use the soy-free from Trader Joe’s)
dollop of mustard- We will probably use a spicy mustard for this
diced celery stalk
dash of pepper

Dinner will probably be tri tip bbq sandwhiches.  What I do is I take the left-over tri tip (usually cooked in the crockpot from Sunday)  douse it very well with bbq sauce (hickory smoke of course ) and bake it at about 200 degree’s for 1 1/2 hours in the oven.   Slap some mayo on your Ezekial bread and voila.  Nice sandwhich.   Since we are babysitting tonight this will help cut the time down.  And it’s always good to have a fresh salad to go with such a meal.