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As we went for our morning stroll this morning, we hitted out a bit earlier than usual.  The last few days the early mornings have been gorgeous while later on the wind picks up and its just nasty.  So while we got our fresh air and tissues wadded up (for those that suffer with allergies) we enjoyed the scenic views.  We don’t live on a well to do street,  but we are surrounded with more ritzy homes.  The grass IS green on the other side.   So we decided to go and enjoy the view.  It is almost 8am now.  People are leaving for work.  What struck me so was the fact that most would smile as their car would pass us.  But what was more fascinating to watch was the faces and ages of the women.     Most of the younger women between the ages of 18 and 30 were talking on their cell phones and would give a quick smile to the baby.  The women from say 35-50 had more of a wishful face on them.  Now this is just general statistics.  It was not that way with EVERY person we passed.  Some were concentrating on make-up, radio, time, etc to even notice us. 

I have to admit it,  there is just something more appealing about needing to keep up with personal appearance, snazzy clothes, cool cell phones, fancy cars, and a fresh cup of coffee every day.  Heck, I’ve tried but I can find nothing appealing or novelty in scrubbing toilets,  changing messy diapers (especially that), or making a bed.    But I love staying home and taking care of my baby.  I love having a garden to tend.   I love doing dishes (could care less about the rest of the kitchen though),  I love the smell of a good dinner.  I love a happy husband coming home and just smiling.

The novelty of everything new and exciting soon wears off,  no matter what you are doing.  We, sahm/w’s are accused of not being able to be happy or satisfied, or fulfilled, yet we cannot dare say anything negative about the women that choosed to work.  It’s all about choice.  What we choose will affect us in some way.  Whether it be something small or something much more significant. 

I will not always be around, my work will not always be here for me, but the children I raise will live for many more years.  What a thought that gives me.  What am I going to teach them?