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When someone says, “Gluten Free”, intsantly people think, “Oh! No wheat.”  I wish it was as simple as that!

If you are looking to become Gluten Free, you probably have already looked at the ingredients on food products in the store.  If you were like me, you jaw dropped at the fact that your once full shopping cart only has a few GF items.   For the most part, everything we eat has wheat in it.  For those of you just curious about GF or perusing my blog, I challenge you to go and look into your cupboards and take percentage of how many things include wheat. 

Being GF was not just about cutting out wheat for us.  I have to cut out any bean flour cause it just don’t agree with either my husband or myself.  Trader Joes sells a rice bread that takes a bit of getting use to but once I am pregnant, the xyantham gum is just too heavy for my body.  I get easily constipated, more tired, and just in general avoid it.    Unlike my husband, I can eat wheat.  But once I had our first daughter I realized that I would have to entirely cut it out while I was breast-feeding her. 

I have not done the extensive research most people have on the cause of being so allergic to wheat.  I got married and had to throw away most of what I had learned about cooking.  I could not be the story-book housewife that I had always dreamed could be.  There was no fresh pies to be made.  I could not have a batch of cookies on the weekends for him to enjoy.   All of what I knew how to make like, Chicken pot pie, spaghetti, beef stroganoff, Wild rice soup, or any kind of casserole made with noodles, bread, etc.   It was very discouraging (even though I had been preparing myself for months beforehand on making dinners for him… but I had never even made a breakfast!   No waffles, no pancakes, no french toast, no toast! No bagels with cream cheese, no breakfast biscuts with gravy.   See what I mean? It’s hard!

But, although something may be hard, it doesn’t necessarily mean its impossible!  More and more products are being made to help the GF and desperate housewives.   I intend to this week show our menu and give you some idea on what can be done to create a lovely, simple menu for gluten free users. 

Since I posted this on Tuesday I will tell you what we had yesterday;

breakfast:  Organic, toasted oats and corn flakes, banana
Lunch:  Hubby took to work, tri-tip sandwhich on Ezekial Bread,  corn tortilla, raw almonds, boiled egg, apple and some cheese
Dinner:  Salad, fresh lettuce from the garden,  Clam Chowder made by Big Bear Creek. Entirely Gluten Free.

Breakfast: Eggs, toast (Ezekial bread again) with homemade Apple butter, yogurt with toasted oats
Lunch: Left over Subway sandwhich (yes wheat. He will regret it later on.  But, oh, he was wanted wheat so bad.) , Apple, boiled egg, cheese, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower veggie bag, and raw almonds.
Dinner: I plan on making chili.  We use organic beans which seem to agree with us better,  1lb of ground beef, 1 can of mexican diced tomatoes,  1 taco seasoning package, 1 can of corn

Stay tuned!