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So, we where we live is also a military base (mom don’t check grammar there). We have/had two libraries, the base library and the town library.  The base library closed and donated all it’s books to the town library.  The town library had no storage room for it all so they hosted a LARGE booksale.  Everything was CHEAP! YAY!  So hubby and I went.  The first weekend (last week) they had half a dance studio arrayed with books while the other half was huge Home Depot boxes of books not even sorted.  This was day 1.  We hit a gold mine!  I found a lot of Eleanor Stratton Porter (Girl of the Limberlost, Freckles, Etc). books, Hubby was in heaven with his political, biographical, dictionary finds. I found some biographies that I will enjoy too!   Anyway, back to this booksale; Its three day weekend for ask long as it takes to get rid of the books.  Heck, we and the librarians thought that would be months.  However,  we arrived today, our second weekend. Friday.  The boxes were very few, the books were depleated and we could see a large dent had been made.  Maybe by Sunday it will all be taken care of.  Why am I blogging about this?  Because I love a good book find! 

Some of my treasures include;
Early works of Jane Austen
The story of the Von Trapp Family by Maria Trapp
Biography of Florence Nightengale
Janette Oke
Grace Livingston Hill
and so so so much more.  I think we will need a new bookshelf that’s how many books between hubby and I we purchased.  Now, for the great part?  Maybe $200 worth of books for about $30?  Can you say, DAROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wanna know my secret find? Dare I admit it?  What shall it do to my reputation??
I found a case file on….Jack the Ripper.  Ladies don’t faint.  Men don’t grab your swords.  He is not my hero.  But this man shows “evidence” that it was not one man but three.  It peaked my interest.   I will probably read it and pass it along or sell it.  Definetly not one I want my girlie to pick up by accident. 

I also found a book that has been “recently discovered” about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (who can tell me who that is?) about two case files he tried to solve.  I say tried cause I haven’t read the book yet.

So, did you find this entry as fun as I had writting it?