Well, we have no crocus but here is what we have been working on so far.

THis is up by the house.  I have a pot garden going right now.  For some reason the pansy’s are getting too much water.  Not sure how that can happen when they dry out by the end of the day so that’s an experiment I am working on.   The pot in the middle is an Amyrillas (sp?) and the one on the far right is my new birthday gift from hubby dear, a red verbena- ground cover.  Isn’t it gorgeous? No idea where we are going to put it.  But if you stay tuned (picture further down) I will show you what I have in mind.

This is also up by the house but gives you a more detailed look at the potted garden. 😉  In the shadow there is my cherry tomato (in the whiskey barrel) it already has a few tomatoe’s on it.  The rest of the plants just have blossoms.

More tomatoes.  In the other Whiskey barrel is my tulips and it looks like Marigolds and allysum are blooming in there!

We have been enjoying fresh salads every night!

Beets, volunteer sunflowers, more tomatoes, parsley, some sort of grain (from the mulch), sugar snap  peas, and we will replace the radish row with onions.

This is my current project.  I am creating a driveway with michaelmass daisies.  The weeds will definetly come up and be replaced with cosmo’s.  I also hope to do a raised bed with the verbena, mint, and some other sun flower since that will get all day heat sun.  I have a climbing Jessamine plant for the mailbox.


So, how does your garden grow?