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I was thinking about waiting to write this until  my birthday had passed but with the way my blog has been slowly been updated as of late I am writting this now, while I have the time.

It will soon be my 20th birthday.  How I wish I could write with such wisdom as my mother seems to have but I am still in the humble learning stage.  Life brings such trials and circumstance that seems to bring out the dull and slowness in me.  If I think clearly and “wisely” it’s usually in the shower and only to myself.   Perhaps this is what God has given me, keeps me humble right?

I am not sure how the day will be. Probably windy as it always is, weather wise.  Spiritually I will search for Solomon’s gift and pray for such a gift.  I know that we will be watching “My Fair Lady” and have cheesecake as I have asked that for my husband for a birthday gift.   I know he would LOVE to give me something but I cannot think of anything and we have no room at our home for dust bunny collectors.  Do I see not having to do dishes too? Oh boy, I ask for a lot.  🙂

My birthday is a week before my anniversary and 3 weeks before my husbands birthday.  It keeps it easy and hectic at the same time.  My in-laws have invited us over for dinner, although I think they really just want to see their granddaughter, it is sure to be a tummy-filling event! I so enjoy being with them and the conversations we have.

Youngers are always asking you, “How does it feel like to be older”.  “Like you have been given more responsibility”.  They shriek and run for the hills (or whenever teens go now adays ;)).  For me as much as I dislike the actual duties that responsibilty brings I love being an adult.  I love being treated with respect and curteously.   We still have fun.  I still giggle silly with my friends over cute actors (though I still think the cutest guy on the planet is the one that I sleep next to every night).  But the purpose in life is so much more wonderful than waiting for the exciting day to happen.   Oh boy how horribly worded that was but alas I have no time to revise as I must go and practice what I preach as I head to the grocery store.

Happy Birthday to Me… God gave His love for me…