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Here are the rules:

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2.  Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Seven random things about me:
1.  I like to read The Princess by Lori Wick once a month…during that time.

2.  My towels HAVE to be folded a certain way.

3.  I LOVE Toyota Camry’s especially the 90’s ones. The newer ones in my opinion just look like bubbles.

4.  I like to pretend I am a career woman sometimes but would never give up being a wife and motherhood.

5.  I can’t stand Gilmore Girls

6.  I love the term “sexy” but only in regards to my husband… who hates that word.

7.  I like to pick  my nose clean and I can’t stand anything sticky!

I am tagging:

Chas,  Blink,  Ree from Pioneer woman (I know in my dreams right?),  Angel, Sammy, Spring, and Kirky