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We love compost.  I believe I have mentioned that earlier. However, some drawbacks are these little boogers;

They are such awful little critters. However, if you have any strappin’ boys or manly men put them to work.  This picture was taken just before my handsome husband threw that junebug larva against a brick wall and watched it splatter to kingdom come.   Boys will have fun while we women will scurry away in search of something a wee bit more refreshing.  Like these perchance?

However if you plan to be more useful in your gardening…   Compost piles can have MANY of those awful critters above.  While I transplanted my beautiful pansies I had to kill 1 dozen at least and oh boy I think my stomache still is squemish.  My point is this, they will completely destroy your tomatoe plants.  So if you plan to transplant your tomatoes, like we did, you must make sure that your new pots are clear from those critters.  

They love moist soil.  Especially if its rotting like compost does.  No, this whole blog post is not going to be about them. I thought that was one tidbit you should know about them.  But anwyay, here are our tomatoes, happily transplanted.

And here are my fresh herbs. OOh I can’t wait!


Now, I plan to put my herbs along this fence…

My very sweet and handsome brother is pulling that awful crab grass out for me.