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The poor boy was doomed. Yes, we call him that. And he is all boy too.  Yep, All boy, down to the dirtiness, balls, rovin’ gambler,  smart alec, all that.  He was quite a surprise to us girls when he wouldn’t do anything so sissy.  Not like Nolan. Well, Nolan wasn’t sissy just very compliant. 🙂

But, Ethan, He had a fascination for balls, particularly soccer balls (a shame to his father who believes, “The first step to one-world-government”, to put it nicely).  He would lug around many balls at once when he was a toddler.  Just look at him now,

Ethan, Dapper Dude the 1,

Ethan has always found a way to tell you the most uninteresting things in the most fascinating way.  He has a story-telling way about him.  I rememeber (and we have it on video somewhere) him telling a story (when he was like 4?) about a horse, black.   It when on for over an hour about this horse.  I don’t think anything was repeted like, the horse was black, the horse ran in the meadow, the black horse ran in the meadow.  Nope, He probably could have written,  The Black Stallion without even reading it.   But with all that, he has a wee bit of difficulty reading.  Mumsie shall remedy that! 

I have a very cool picture in my photo album of Ethan all dressed up in the play knights armor.  Perhaps that day is the one I remember the most.   He dressed up in all this armor, came up to me (5 yr. old) and said, “I’ll protect you!”  And away he went slaying the dragon that threatened my life.  I called him after that, “My lil knight in shining armour” (Now don’t think he was replaced or he was the replacement, my hubby is, THE knight (not lil) in shining armour).  

Ethan loves, Spiderman.  I don’t understand the fascination but he is boy and LOVES Spiderman.  He has a few outfits and he will wiggle his fingers and do the whole web thing and even make the whooosh sound.  Talk to me about boys would ya? Is it like men and “The Godfather”? Boys and “Spiderman”?

But perhaps our favorite movie with Ethan was, “Finding Nemo”.   Remember the turtle? Crush?  Well, Ethan just loved that movie and would watch it 100 times a day (or so we girls thought when we watching to watch something like “Ice Princess”).  But we would walk up to him and say, “sweet” and he would say (3 year old here)
“Duuuuuuuude!”   You had to hear it to find it as cute but use your imagination or picture your three-year-old child saying that with dead pan expression but enthusiastic but dead voice.  So hard to write but so laughable to remember.

Ethan is also the “Protector” (if you will) of Lorna.  That means that while he will tease her to death (and maybe annoy her a wee bit too) he will also be her best companion.  I often come over to see them engaged in some sort of conversation or play.  Often times Lorna is chasing Ethan or visa versa but there is something between the sibling that just makes your heart melt.   He likes to help Lorna hold Euphemia.   See, here he is holding her when she was first born… He is gonna make some gal swoon with his teddy bear heart but fearless character.

Another pic to show how boyish he is

He is also looking forward to making a bookshelf with David soon.