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Our early morning stroll.  Would you like to join us?

First we will get Emma all ready…

Then we will go South on our little street… still with me?

Now we have our first pit stop (you know like in Amazing Race?)  We are about to cross another street we are now heading East.

We shall continue along the bike path/walkers path.  The road on the other side is just too narrow and too full of dirt for walkers so the city put in this path. Wasn’t that nice of them?  The motorcyclists love it too… they can fill the path up with dirt and get dirt in the walkers eyes and mouth.  Ok, so not all of them are so rude.  There is actually quite a gentleman that frequents this side of the road.  He slows down to a crawl anytime there is pedestrians.  Once when I stopped to take pictures of our beautiful mountains,  he thought I was having car trouble and stopped to see if I could help.

The path; (see the brick building (the back of it anyway) that is our beloved WalMart)

Now we have a bend in the road and another main road. That one goes straight through town. I guess you could call it main street.


Another pit stop to cross the street and now we will head south again.

After the bend, another straight stretch… Need a drink yet? It’s been a little over 1/2 a mile so far.

We have to stop and smell the rose tree.  I want a few of these.  Can anyone tell me the name of them?

And to my right I see… YES! WALLY WORLD!

Ok, after another 100-200 feet maybe 300 we come to a stop light.  Now since there were a few cars there I didn’t want to scare them so I didn’t take any pictures.  I figure they needed to concentrate on driving more than saying, “Cheese!”  But I made my way West and we come to Albertsons…

But the real reason we are here is…

What can I get you?  I have a free coffee here so I intend to make use of it.  It has a $5 value.  o I am getting a Venti, Mocha Cafe’ Latte with extra shot. Yummy!  Let’s take a rest here while we wait
Refreshing ourselves;

Here is my ticket to heaven… or heaven on earth shall we say?

Don’t try to duplicate it… it won’t work. Sorry.
Now, we’ll head home… It’s been about 45 minutes and we still have half a mile to complete.  Somebody is getting a wee bit tired from not exercising… Fresh air, our lungs don’t know what to do!

So, here we are. Someone woke up and is full of energy now.  By the time this post is complete, she will be asleep. Mark my word.

And here is where I’ll go


Well, my friends, thank you for the lovely walk and I hope we can do it again soon.  Have a lovely day!