Be it ever so humble… There’s no place like home.

After a very busy week, I am much looking forward to a very relaxing day at home… but alas, the week is not over.  So, why do I long to sit here? Let me explain;

Monday; Already blogged about that.  Remember my shopping trip and PO?  And the LLL meeting
Tuesday; Birthday party and bank trip
Wednesday; Visiting and another PO trip
Thursday; Today, Shopping, Park with siblings, unexpected trip to home to drop off a child I wasn’t suppose to watch today (tomorrow is the correct day.) Clean house for lady.  POor Euphemia has lived in a carseat all week. BLECH!
Friday; Brother’s birthday, Tax appt., watch said child, clean again
Saturday; Baby shower
Sunday; The Lord’s day and meal with In-laws. YAY!

WHEW!  If you despise being home I really encourage you to seek out why and find ways to change it. Home is the utmost bestest place to be.

My next entry will be Monday.  See you after the weekend!