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So the blog is called sodbusters cause that’s what my old man and me (his old woman) do, bust up our sod.  We dream of the day when we will have the stregnth, energy, and money to own a farm.  But until then we will spend our free time working the desert soil of our 160 (less than 1/2 an acre) acre’s of soil.   Anyway my point is this entry is about gardening… the kind we do here in the desert.  Remember, we are about 1 1/2 hours from Death Valley.  Yeah, THE Death Valley.  So, without further ado…here we go…

So, remember that Ranuculus plant I bought Monday? Well here is the first peek you get of it… Don’t worry more photo’s to come!

So that was planted with one baby on my hip.  I kid you not… I don’t even remember how I did that.  Anyway, I had to transplant that from one of those cheap plastic containers to a nice tarracotta pot…. now, that is really not recommendable.  I need to figure out a nice pot for the desert here.  The tarracotta pot can hold in so much heat in the summer that it is just horrible… but the plastic containers the sun just eats.  Now you get more of an idea why its a bit difficult to have nice garden here.   Anyway, you take it out of it’s previous home (the plastic cheap home, we can call it an apartment) and stick her in her permenant home… the nice brick home.  Hey, we live in a brick home too!  Saweet.  Sorry, straying here.  Now, you need to GENTLY loosen the roots.  Don’t strangle them. Don’t frighten the life out of the poor thing.  Just try to get the roots free to roam around in their new home.  Put in your pot and fill with all kind of goodies to make sure they will have a comfortable stay…namely soil.   Now my soil comes from my husband’s compost barrels.  Have I ever showed them to you?  They are pretty nifty lil thing!  He used old barrels from the automotive shop he works at (they use to hold Linex stuff) and added a nice lil door with a little welding and a pin.



Now, I must stray again, see that nice soil?!?! That use to be just left over veggies and everything else.  That is what a compost bin is. Left over food that you just don’t wanna eat, like banana peels, orange peels,  avacado pits,  well you get the picture.  Add a wee and I mean WEE bit of desert soil and add about 2-4 cups of water a week and you roll those back and forth about 2 a day and you get really nice soil.   Now remember that Ranuculus plant?  It was used with that soil?  Look at the difference;

Anyway, this is what our garden is right now.  That good soil is being worked in our soil.  This is our second year of good gardening.


Ok the weeds have just got to go! Tomorrows project in our ahem, spare time? See the barrels in the background? See that Devil grass? Some call it Crab Grass, Its weeds.  Awful stuff. Just ruin everything about the soil.  The roots go all over the place and you will never really get rid of it.  It makes me have hives all over. BLECH! YUCK!  So my nice brother, the one I just wrote about, Nolan,  is going to be bribed, er paid to take em out for me.  In that area, I hope to plant a nice herb garden.  

What was I saying? Oh yeah, gardening here in the desert. Well, there you have it.  Hard work, rewarding, hard work, fun, hard work, we get to reap the fruits of our labors (sometimes literaly), hard work, and I think we have a wee bit of hard work involved.  Just in case you had ANY doubt, hard work is involved.   

Here are my tulips from last year or the year before, coming back up, yep, I planted them in a whiskey barrel

 Now, here is another picture of that Ranuculus plant I promised,

Well, that’s all folk.  Thanks for reading and you have a good weekend. 🙂  Hope you have cleaned a few useful things from this entry.